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   I hope you enjoy the resources that have been put together. Just click on an item in the menu to the right to see the articles and links that are available. We have the best information available on record album collecting, from blogs and videos to the latest news. For collectors of old vinyl and new vinyl, you are bound to find something that you didn't know about. now has a page dedicated to the latest Vinyl Album releases. So if you are looking to buy new vinyl check out upcoming vinyl releases and also, vinyl records released in the last 30 days.


Below are some of the most valuable records on Ebay at this moment. Do you have any old vintage vinyl and are wondering what they might be worth? The easiest most accurate way to find the value of a vinyl record is to search for it on ebay and see what it is selling for. To look at how much that record has sold for in the past just check the completed listings box on the left menu of an Ebay listings page. Another great way is to search the auction archive at  Find record shows or conventions in you area at Record Shows of America.

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